OEM/ODM Service

Smart table lamps & night lights OEM Munufacturer in China

O&Y Lighting is a one-stop-shop for all of your Custom LED lighting needs. We have over 10 years of experience designing and manufacturing specialized products, like custom fixtures or bulbs that can’t be found anywhere else!

We are your OEM partner; we offer design, prototyping, manufacturing, and full-color packaging and door-to-door delivery. Our top priority is to provide solutions that meet your needs.

OEM/ODM Service

We are now doing cost-effective OEM/ODM for retailers and brand owners, and have independent industrial plants which can fulfill almost entire line of indoor smart lights tasks.

Extraordinary Design

Our light specialists and designers work together to apply research from the fields of psychology, sociology and behavioral economics to create a more user-friendly design.

Benefit from the latest lighting trends to add more value to speed up your business.

Fully Custom Solutions


Appearance & Color

Personalize your custom safes with our collection of distinct spray colors that retain shades longer.


Appearance & Color

Personalize your custom safes with our collection of distinct spray colors that retain shades longer.


Appearance & Color

Personalize your custom safes with our collection of distinct spray colors that retain shades longer.

How We Work

No matter the project type or size, O&Y Lighting will diligently follow the same steps to deliver your requirements.

Design Consultancy

We listen closely to you, to build a lighting design principle which meets your project requirements, budget and more importantly your ideas.

This is the key step as it bridges the gap between us and the platform for the project to move forward.

Requirement Validation

After we develop and approve the product vision, we go through a validation of the requirements, in which a complete design idea and project solution are made to match your project prospection.

Design Concept

On this stage, a design concept is born using our latest technology and practice in lighting industries, including a design drawing, specification calculations, production feasibility and design quality control.

Project Delivery

The final step to transmit the design into production. Aroslife helps you manufacturing or procure materials, create manufacturing instruction papers, and select suitable machinery according to the design.

Custom Lighting We Can OEM for You

Nature Inspired

Nature is our Muise, which means harmony and balance. Nature helps us calm down and concentrate, where our minds can take a break.

At O&Y Lighting, we will do our part to eliminate noise and unnecessary frills. We believe that all details should be justified by their lighting qualities. Unnecessary design aspects have been eliminated from our products.

The Philosophy of Home

Our homes are the base of our lives. This is where we relax and recharge so that we are ready for next adventure. In correct lighting, we relax and our eyes get a break.

That’s why we create new fixtures, and we always strive to uphold the balance between function, comfort, and ambiance. We aim to create products that will enhance your breaks – such as Tree of Light series.

Fill Light with Music

Music, like trees and lights, has a healing function. As an indispensable regulator in life, it can control the atmosphere of the whole space at any time.

Our Tree of Light series supports Wifi speaker, with which to create a vivid atmosphere that enlightens your mind, delight your eyes and comfort your ears.

Shape The Light with Technology

Technologies can anticipate needs or solve problems, and they can extend or enhance human capacities and activities. We use advanced technologies have made life easier and beautiful.

With smart lamps, you will get acquainted with some key benefits of technology and design such as touch control, human body induction and wireless charging.

Your OEM/ODM Project Supporter

Our factory focus today is a simple idea: a true manufacturer to support you. We believe your expertise in lighting business, combined with our expertise in OEM/ODM manufacturing, are key to unlocking that potential.

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O&Y Lighting is happy to assist you with your OEM and Private Label LED requirements. We provide solutions that are both high-quality and affordable.